10th Class Maths (science Group) Guess Paper 2022 Punjab

Guess Math 10th (Science) Supply 2022

CH#1  Ex:1.1 Q:2,3, Ex:1.2 Q:1,3,5,6, Ex:1.3 Q:1 to 4,15,16, Ex:1.4 Q:1 to 6. (Examples 1,2 of each exercise)

CH#2 Ex:2.1 Q:1,2,8,10, Ex:2.2 Q:1(2,5,6,7,8),Q:3,4,5, (example1,2) Ex:2.3 Q:1,5,6 (example3,4) Ex:2.4 Q:1,2, Ex:2.5 Q:1 Ex:2.6 Q:1, Ex:2.7 Q:1to5,7,8,9 (example 1,4) Ex:2.8 Q:1to4.

CH#3 Ex:3.1 Complete, Ex:3.2 Q:8 to 13, Ex:3.3 Q All, Example: 7,9, Ex:3.4 Q:2, Ex:3.6 Q:1, Q2(iii)

CH#4 Ex:4.1 Q:1 to 5, Ex:4.2 Q:3,4,5, Ex:4.3 Q:1,2,4,8 Ex:4.4 Q:1,2,5(examples of ch4 only 1st from each exercise)

CH#5 Ex: 5.1 Complete, Ex:5.2 Q:3,4, Ex:5.3 Q:1,4,  Ex:5.4 Q:1 Ex:5.5 Q:1,2,3, Properties of A.M 

CH#6 Ex:6.2 Examples Related with G.M, H.M, Q:3,4,6,7,8, Ex:6.3 Complete, 

CH#7 Ex:7.1 Complete, Ex:7.2 Q:4,5,9,10, Ex:7.4 Q:1,2,3,4,5,8,11,19,20,18,21,23, Ex:7.5 Q:1,2,3,4,5,6


Ch#9 (2,3,5)   & Ch#12 (2)

For Short Questions

Definitions & Review Exercises of All Chapters

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