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Understanding the basics of business is no longer enough in a complex world. Future business leaders need to be resilient, adaptable, progressive and influential to succeed globally. That’s why we started our new full-time MBA. Like most MBA programs, you will have a deep understanding of finance, marketing and strategy but you will also learn how to use big data, leverage the power of creativity, complex You have to learn how to find systems and guide the digital world. You will study at a beautiful campus located in the heart of one of the world’s most famous, vibrant and isolated cities, taught over a period of 18 months. The focus is on development and construction. Future businesses.

You will learn in one of the world’s leading business schools in a small, diverse class of professionals from around the world. Throughout the course, you will have access to unique internship opportunities and a personalized career service that will connect you to the world’s largest, global brands. The best thing about MBA for me is how much I have been able to learn from my partner. Able to study people from all different settlements and all different kinds of experiences, very enlightened.

The business school provides me with the tools and framework I need to define my future. According to the QS Employability Rankings, we are internationally recognized and our Management Education Program is consistently ranked number one in Australia and our graduates are the most employable in Australia and number four in the world. With over 320,000 alumni and 56,000 business school alumni worldwide, you will have access to a powerful, global network. Get anything for your future with our new full-time MBA from Australia’s first university.

Why study an MBA?

 I chose to study an MBA because I feel that it’s a really well-rounded degree. It’s got a lot of different variationsof the business landscape today including Economics, Strategy andCase Analysis, Accounting and Finance and many different areas where I feltthat I would really benefit from learning much more about and increasingmy skill set in terms of career advancement.

Why You Need An MBA!

Too often, professionals think that theirarea of expertise and becoming extremely knowledgeable in that field of expertiseis what matters most, but really the intention of an MBA is to grow greatcommercial well-rounded leaders. So when it comes to content, what’s mostimportant is that an MBA graduate is exposed to all aspects of business. I’mlooking for people who are commercial first who understand business and theycouple that with a great aptitude for learning; they’re the best employers. Ifsomeone came to me with an MBA, there are certain things I would assume to be true.I would assume that they have the ability to apply themselves, I wouldassume that they’ve really had their thinking challenged and I’d assume thatthey’d bring some of the latest industry thinking to our workplace.
What’sreally interesting is when you see somebody pre- and post-having gone andcompleted that study, it’s amazing some of the differences you can see in theirqualities; in terms of their ability to write, their ability to research, theirability to think critically – not to mention, there’s just this incrediblenetwork that you develop that I think is invaluable. I’ve seen students pre- andpost-MBA and there’s no doubt whatsoever that they’re more marketable.It affects quite positively their earning potential. There’s no doubt thatthe opportunities available to MBA graduates are vastly increased as aconsequence of their studies. It’s an investment worth making and it’s not forthe faint-hearted but as a consequence of having beenthrough that, you’ll be better for it and commercially, your opportunities willreally open up.

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