How to Get Free Hosting Services

How to Get Free Hosting Services

How to Get Free Hosting Services 

Investing in business has become a costly venture, and people try different options to reduce cost. Having a website has become a popular branding and marketing option for businesses nowadays. But hosting a website seems to need some investment and many don’t go in search of free options. The main reason for this is because of the disbelief of free services. Most of the people’s mentality is that anything that is free will have something bad or some important configurations are not featured in it. But this is not the case in everything. There are some excellent service providers who give free hosting with excellent features.

Free Hosting – What You Get And What You Will Be Missing

Free hosting comes with all the basic features, and those having small businesses or blogs can easily opt for this service. Look out for the features according to the specifications you need and then choose the best option in the free hosting service. Let us look at some specifications you have to look in free hosting before availing the service.

What You Get From Free Hosting Service?

Every hosting provides the following basic features that is required to host a website. Disk Space or Storage: This is the storage where all your data, such as text, images, graphics, will be saved. According to the size of your data, you can choose the plan. But the difference between paid and free hosting is that you won’t be able to upgrade for a larger storage with free hosting.

Capacity of Free Hosting

Capacity: This refers to the traffic visiting and accessing your website’s content. Traffic is the number of people. So, to get more traffic, you will require a higher bandwidth. Free hosting can provide good capacity allocation but has its own limitations.

Uptime and Support of Free Hosting

Uptime and Support: Many people think that free hosting doesn’t have good uptime scores. But service providers with cheap panel hosting and free hosting have good uptime and reliability. I can rely on them upon for hosting our websites. Also, they provide good support to the queries and calls made to the provider regarding any uptime issues.

FTP of Free Hosting

FTP: The file transfer protocol ensures the safety of transferring and accessing the data of a website. This is important for every website to make sure that there are no data theft. Free hosting provides FTP for your website despite being free.

Website creator and email services with Free Hosting Service

Website creator and email services: It is better to have a creator app for your website so that you can design it in the way you like. Also, if your provider gives Email address for your domain, then it can be of service to your visitors.

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