Important Guess of Computer Science of 2nd Year Class

Assalamu Alaikum Students, In this article, my dear students, you know to guess paper of computer science 2nd year computer guess papers 2022. 2nd year computer guess paper 2022 for all Punjab boards. 2nd year computer guess paper 2022. Guess of Computer.

Guess Computer 2nd Year 


Types of Database Model, Advantages and Disadvantages of Database System, Field, Record, File, View and Uses, User, Role of Administrator, Indexes and Usage, Steps Involved in Analysis Stage, Database Design Process, Components of Logical and Physical Database Design, Synonyms, Homonyms, Redundant Information and Mutually Exclusive Data, Normalization and Steps, Procedure of Creating a New Database, MS Access IDE, Different Views of a Table, Data Types, Primary Key, Relationships and Join, Query, Report

C Language:

Basic Structure of C Program, Debugging Features, Errors and Types, Variable and Rules, Constant and Types, Numeric Data Type, Different Floating Point, Logical Expression, Increment and Decrement Operator, Output Statement, Getch and Getche Functions, Do-While Loop, Goto Statement, Array, Local and Global Variable, Program to Write Area and Perimeter of a Triangle, Program to Find Square and Cube of a Number, Program to Print Table of a Number.

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