Important Pakistan General Knowledge Mcqs With Answers In 2023


1.    Largest
Airport in Pakistan? 

Ans Jinnah Airport Karachi

2.    Which
country first recognized Pakistan? 

Ans Iran

3.    Which
is the largest industry in Pakistan?

 Ans Textile Industry

4.    How
many years has Jahangir Khan remained unbeaten? 

Ans 5 Years

5.    When
did Pakistan win the 1st hockey world cup?

 Ans 1971

6.    What
is the total area of Pakistan?

 Ans 796096 sq km

7.    In
which direction of Pakistan Russia lies? 

Ans North East

8.    How
many aircraft were downed by MM Alam in one go? 

Ans 5

9.    The cultural
center of the Gandhara civilization was situated in present-day in ………? 


10. Ahmad
Khan Kharal the famous character of the War of Independence belongs to………?  

Ans Jhamra

11. Faiz
Ahmad Faiz was imprisoned for his alleged involvement in …………………. conspiracy? 

Ans Rawalpindi

12. Quaid
e Azam joined the Muslim League in…………? 

Ans 1923

13. Which
districts of Baluchistan contain a huge deposit of copper? 

Ans Chaghi

14. Kachura
Lake is situated in………? 

Ans Balsitan

15. Working
boundary is a boundary between?  

Ans India
held Kashmir and Pakistan

16. The
national bird of Pakistan? 

Ans Chakor

17. Name
the biggest barrage of Pakistan? 

Ans Sukkur Barrage

18. Katas
Raj temple is in? 

Ans Chakwal

19. Malakand
Pass connects Peshawar with?

 Ans Chitral

20. The
highest battlefield in the world is?

 Ans Siachine Glacier

21. Karakoram
Highway between Pakistan and China Completed in? 

Ans 197

22. Who
was Pakistan’s 1st Ambassador to the US?

 Ans Abdul Hassan Ispani

23. Habba
Khatoon is a famous poetess of which language? 

Ans Kashmiri

24. Kartarpur
corridor links between Gurdwara to India………? 

Ans Darbar Sahib

25. Who
among the following Prime Ministers of Pakistan secured Gwardar from Oman? 

Feroz Khan Noon

26. Which
gas field among the following is the second-largest gas field in Pakistan which
is being operated by OGDCL?

 Ans Qadirpur Gas Field

27. Which
province among the following has a Uch gas field?

 Ans Baluchistan

28. The
Sundar pass connects Chitral with………?  

Ans Gilgit

29. The
Pakistani Scientist who worked under Albert Einstein? 

Ans M Raziudin Sadique

30. Lowari
pass connects with…? 

Dir with Chitral

31. Romb
of Khawaja Farid is in……? 

Ans Kot Mitthan

32. River
Kabul joins the Indus River near……….? 

Ans Attock

33. The
chairman of the National economic council of Pakistan………? 

Ans Prime Minister

34. Who
was the first Muslim governor of Pakistan……?

 Ans Sardar Abdul Rab Nishtar

35. Objectives
resolution was presented in the constituent assembly of Pakistan on………? 

12th March 1949

36. The
only Vice President of Pakistan? 

Ans Noor Ul Amin

37. What
is the minimum age of a senator under the 1973 Constitute?

 Ans 30 Years

38. The
Only Muslim woman who attended Round Table Conference (RTC) was? 

Ans Beghum
Ahanara Shahnawaz

39.  On the device of the Prime Minister and Chief
Minister, the President and Governor are bound to dissolve the assemblies within………? 

Ans 48 Hours

40. The
British sold Kashmir to Gulab Singh Dogra under the treaty of…………?

 Ans Treaty
of Amritsar

41. When
was Sui Gas first discovered in Pakistan? 

Ans 1952

42. What
is the total length of the coastline of Pakistan?

 Ans 1046 KM

43. Sindh
was separated from Bombay in……?

 Ans 1935

44. The
largest earth-filled dam in the world is…? 

Ans Terbela Dam

45. Operation
of Zarb-e-azb underwent in the former FATA. Azb was the name of ….? 

Ans Sword
of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

46. Wakhan
corridor is located to the ……… of Pakistan? 

Ans North

47. Who
was the first Governor General of the State Bank of Pakistan?

 Ans Zahid Hussain

48. Kirthar
Range is a mountain range in Pakistan extending about 190 miles. In which
province of Pakistan does the range’s largest portion reside? 

Ans Baluchistan

49. When
Baluchistan give the status of Province of Pakistan? 

Ans 1970

50.  What is the length of Karakhoram Highway? 

810 miles

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