Latest HEC Undergraduate Policy In 2022|HEC Big Announcement

Latest HEC undergraduate policy in 2022|HEC big announcement. HEC undergraduate policy (new). there will be five different undergraduate degrees in Pakistan:

Latest HEC Undergraduate Policy In 2022|HEC Big Announcement
Latest HEC Undergraduate Policy In 2022|HEC Big Announcement

(1) Four year BS program

This four-year degree will be in Science or Arts and will be called Bachelor’s Degree (BS) and the degree will be related to field mansion, i.e., 

  • BS in Physics
  • BS in Political Science
  • BS in English

(2) Four-year professional degree (Requiring licensure)

It will be a four-year degree and will be licensed by the relevant council upon completion of the degree


  • Bachelor of Engineering (BE)
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  • Bachelor studies of Nursing (BSN)

(3) Five year professional degree (Requiring licensure)

It will be a five-year degree and will be licensed by the relevant council

Today, this five-year degree is being offered


  • MBBS
  •  DVM
  •  LLB

(4) Four-year degree (discipline with council)

This will also be a four-year degree and nowadays this degree is being offered in various fields



(5) Two-year AD degree

It will be a two-year degree replacing the BA and is usually taught at an affiliated college.

Compuslory courses (13)

(1) In each undergraduate degree, whether it is a degree in science or arts or a professional degree, there are thirteen (13) courses (which will be related to natural, social sciences, arts and humanities and philosophy). They definitely read. Shall be. What will be the benefit of this?

If one year or more after the commencement of the degree, if you think you want to change your major / subject to another major / subject, then you should change the major / subject according to the rules and regulations of the university. Will Like before you were doing BS Chemistry and after a year and a half or two you thought you wanted to do BS Physics, then you can do it easily.

(Discussions are ongoing with HEC’s various accreditation councils to apply this principle to professional degree programs – for example, you are doing mechanical engineering and two years later you will enter chemical engineering)

These thirteen courses include courses in the fields of arts and humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. So you will get a taste and understanding of different fields. They also include courses in improving English writing and Quantitative Reasoning, which will enhance your analytical skills.

(2) Universities will be asked to compile a combined merit list based on the Aptitude Test. As students will be taught almost the same general courses everywhere and at the end of the fourth semester, universities can take the merit test and give the student his favorite major / subject.


(3) If you are in any undergraduate degree program, whether it is science or arts or humanities, etc. you have to do an internship of at least nine (09) weeks during the degree.

Practice learning module

(4) If you are in any undergraduate degree program, be it science or arts or engineering or humanities, etc., you must complete at least four hours of Practical Learning Module each week for at least four (04) semesters during the degree. Have to do. Practical Learning Module can be any of these.

 Entrepreneurship Club

 Youth clubs, such as debating clubs, newspaper clubs or student organizations, etc.

 Sports clubs, maybe

Switching of BS into AD or AD into BS degree

If you have enrolled in your four- to five-year undergraduate program and do not want to pursue a full four- or five-year degree and you have completed four semesters, then you must have got a two-year Associate Degree (AD) from the university. You can leave the program.

Not only this, with the help of your Associate Degree (AD) you can re-enter the undergraduate program from the fifth semester.

Associate Degree (AD) students can also enroll in the undergraduate program by fulfilling the rules and regulations of the university in the fifth semester.

Major / Minor

(5) You can do your degree in one Major or Double Majors or one Major and one Minor or one Major and two minors etc. –

Like you.BS physics. Major in y and Minor in Anthropology (A Major, a Minor)

Or BS Chemistry and Physics (two Majors)

Or Major and Journalism in BS Chemistry and Minors in English (one Major, two Minors)

(6) The University will give you an advisor from whose advice you will decide.

The HEC is further elaborated on this process and will soon begin training universities on these new policies.

Will be implemented soon.

I hope my dear student friends you got good and informative informations for your future. Please share my article with your friends on WhatsApp, facebook and other platforms.

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