Semrush vs Similarweb Best SEO Tool in 2021

Semrush vs Similarweb Best SEO Tool in 2021
When it is about Semrush vs Similarweb, you will notice, both have several similar features. But how to choose either Semrush or Similarweb? Besides the subtle differences in the features, there are five other criteria to consider while opting for either of them:

All Marketing Tools in One Platform:

Semrush has a complete traffic analytics suite that assists marketers with all tasks like content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, PPC and many more. In short, all the important features and tools for complete digital marketing assistance is available within one place. Moreover, Semrush can provide actionable recommendations which help to optimize the website better and faster.
On the other hand, Similarweb is a Web analytics vendor and not a marketing tool. Its features are limited to analytics around the website traffic. There are no social media tools, SEO tools or even recommendations to take a decision based on the analytics.
While choosing either Semrush or Similarweb, when ease of use and access to all marketing tool is your primary concern, Semrush outsmarts Similarweb is a worthier choice.

Advanced SEO Features for All:

Semrush has in-depth and advanced SEO features that help with your entrepreneurial decision making and as a result, help to stay ahead in the competition.
Some of the features that stand out include semantic keyword grouping, rank tracking, on-page SEO, backlink analysis etc. With an extensive set of tools for advanced SEO analysis and management, Semrush is the complete solution for digital marketing experts.
Basic SEO features are available for website traffic analysis is Similarweb. Moreover, there is no rank tracking tools or in-depth keyword research tools or backlink database to get an overall idea about your website’s performance and where it stands. Hence, when the choice is based on SEO tools between Semrush vs Similarweb, Semrush is the clear winner.

Keyword Database and Accuracy:

Wondering between Semrush vs Similarweb comparison? The keyword database and its accuracy are major criteria to make the choice. Semrush has high-quality data from real and anonymous users on consumer behavior. Users get access to 20B keywords from 142 databases across different countries. There is also a backlink database with over 40T backlinks. On Similarweb, you get data accuracy for large and medium websites. But for the website with 50k or lesser visits, the data is not as accurate. Moreover, thekeyword database is not clear and its size is unknown which is a problem to accurately estimate the accuracy in Similarweb.

Affordability and Transparency in Pricing:

There are four packages available for Semrush. You need to pay a monthly fee for a set of clearly defined tools that you use from the toolkit assigned as per the subscription. There are no hidden charges and you can cancel the subscription anytime you want.
However, with Similarweb, you pay a monthly or yearly fee for basic tools and additional features come for the extra cost. Moreover, you can miss out on a tool or end up buying things you do not need as you choose them alone. Since, no package is available based on the purpose, making such a mistake and ending up with extra payments for features you do not need often happens with new users.
So, if billing, transparency and prices are important and you have a tight budget while choosing either Semrush or Similarweb, Semrush wins.

Overall Intelligence Features:

When you consider all the features in Semrush vs Similarweb, Semrush has more comprehensive solutions to every digital marketing requirement. Hence, it has a significant edge over Similarweb when the choice is either Semrush or Similarweb for your digital marketing requirement.

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