SLO SLO Based Exams in 2022 and 2023

The board has changed the examination procedure to SLO based i.e. Student Learning Outcomes.

Guidelines for Slos Based Examinations 

 In this method, the topics given in the book are important and these topics have to be prepared by the student from different resources and reference books.  In the initial phase, Punjab textbook has been taken as a reference book, but after the implementation of SNC Single Nation Curriculum, the reference material will be increased.

SLO SLO Based Exams in 2022 and 2023

 SLO SLO Based Exams in 2022 and 2023 

 Presently, papers are being prepared by dividing the contents of Punjab textbooks into three main parts

 1. Knowledge Based

 This section includes definitions given in the book and information-based questions.  This section consists of practice questions etc. in which the child’s memory will be tested. This section consists of 40% questions of the total paper.

 For example, define physics or write basic beliefs of Islam etc

 2. Application Based

 This part includes the part of content which consists of Applied knowledge i.e. the topic studied is used in daily life. This part contains 30% questions of the total paper.

 For example, as a student, how do you organize the Panjgana prayer?  Or how to capture energy using mirrors as reflectors?

 3. Understanding Based

 This part is truly called Concept Building, in fact, Application Based Questions are derived from it.  This section deals with higher conceptual questions, derivations, correlations and depth of topic.  This section may make a child nervous These questions will be 30% of the total paper.

 For example, how do you suspend 5 million pounds of water in the air without any support?

 This method of examination will improve the critical thinking of the child and get rid of the traditional rota system and past papers cramming, especially the child will focus on teaching instead of making a rota machine.

 It is mandatory for the institutions to assess the children by designing their syllabus according to the new pattern so that the existing method of teaching and examination can be shifted to the modern method of examination.

 In short, questions can range from what to why in nature.

 Moreover, the preparation of the objective is necessary from the complete book, the rest of the short questions have some choice.

 We pray to Allah Almighty to grant ease to all those who study and teach and grant success in all exams in this world and the hereafter.  Ameen.

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