Tetanus|Lockjaw Background, Pathophysiology, Etiology Causes

Have you ever wondered why every time someone has an accident, it is said to get a tetanus shot. Is tetanus such a dangerous disease?  Does a person who has this disease get tetanus even from sitting up?  Does the patient have seizures in tetanus?  In tetanus, man’s jaw cannot open?  So today I will talk about this disease:

Tetanus|Lockjaw Background, Pathophysiology, Etiology Causes

General knowledge about Tetanus|Lockjaw

Actually, tetanus is caused by a bacteria called clostridium tetani.  This bacteria is found in every dirty place like soil, dust, dung and waste etc.

 How does it enter the body?

This bacteria enters our body when we get an injury and break the skin.  This bacteria enters our body through the broken skin and releases some poison in the body which causes a lot of damage to our body.

 Now we talk in which cases our skin cracks?

  1.  In an accident
  2.  Have a wound somewhere
  3.  By rubbing the body on the road
  4.  By burning the skin
  5.  By injection
  6.  By wholesale

 In all these cases, this bacteria can enter our body.  That is why they say that if there is an accident, give a tetanus injection.

 This is the disease that controls our jaws, that’s why the other name of tetanus is lockjaw.

 The patient cannot eat or speak due to the jaw being locked

 Apart from this, it is difficult to breathe

 In this disease, the patient takes a terrible form that you see in horror movies, that is, the whole body of the patient becomes stiff, which is shown in the picture below.

 Apart from this, the patient also has seizures

 There is also fever

 Sweat also occurs

 There is pain in the joints

 The patient may also experience pain throughout the body.


 The best solution to prevent this disease is vaccination

 A vaccine called DPT. This vaccine protects against three diseases.  Diphtheria, whooping cough, which is also commonly called dog cough, pertussis and tetanus.


 Although there is no complete cure for tetanus, some antibiotics etc. are given along with some medicines to reduce fever, inflammation etc.

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