The Best Project Management Software

Projects are getting more complex by the day. Why? Because geographically dispersed teams and remote work have become more and more common. If we add that to the already complex nature of our profession, it’s imperative that we pick the right project management software to help us smoothen our team interactions and collaboration.

If you want to upgrade your existing tool, don’t know where to start researching or are overwhelmed by how many tools you’re currently using and want a solution that can centralize everything (or almost everything), you are in the right place. The in-depth reviews below highlight some of the best project management tools and their features. These tools offer a wealth of benefits, from tracking project progress in real-time and enabling team conversations around tasks to accessing project information from a mobile app.

Which one you settle on will come down to your workflow functionality and what set of features you need to make your projects run smoothly. Sometimes tools are so similar that it comes down to free plans, pricing scalability, or user interface to help you choose between them—I’ve added all of these details to support your decision-making.

How We Picked The Best Project Management Software
I evaluated and compared the most popular project management tools on the market, both for their reviews and user interface. Then I weighed factors that make a software a good option for project management, such as the ones that follow.

Usability: How intuitive the software is, as well as the available resources to learn the tool. Whether that is a wiki, help center, training videos within the platform or interactive tours when you start using the software.

Standout features: Here, I focused on the available features and if they are helpful in managing projects. It was more about the quality of the features than quantity. Therefore, I focused on the ones that bring our teams closer for collaboration, provide valuable insights or help us automate our work.

Integrations: I looked at software that could help expand the platform’s functionality. These integrations can be pre-built, through a third party software, or custom-built using an API.

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