The Most Luxury Apartment in London 2021

Hi everyone, how are you doing? Welcome back to my property episodes. Today I will be touring a stunning luxury and the most pretty apartment which I saw so far in London and we are in   Belvedere Gardens next to the London Eye in a spectacular location with a spectacular view so if you would like to see more keep watching. 

This apartment has around 1,600 square feet and it’s listed on the market with Marwan from RE/MAX and is currently available to let. So if you would like to know more just contact Marwan, I will leave all the details over here and as well in the description box. Let me start from the entry hall as you can see we have a marble floor here and high ceilings with spotlights. 

The Most Luxury Apartment in London with London Eye View 2021

I really love furniture here, you have a gorgeous mirror,   very antique very nice, with the flowers, you have a space for your bag when you arrive or maybe some keys also you have an amazing hanger for umbrellas. Of course, in London it’s very rainy,   it’s a lot of rainy days and here you have I think the bigger utility room which I saw so you have enough space for a lot of luggages so if you’re a traveler this is great for you. Here at the entrance, you have a computer as well so basically you have a smart home technology here.  

The Most Luxury Apartment in London with London Eye View 2021

You can access 24-hour concierge and security cameras over here as well you can change your temperature and basically, you can monitor all the underfloor heating from here and so on. You have it in each room so it’s great to have a smart home. From the hallway, we are entering the most gorgeous dining room, living room, open plan, kitchen. Oh my god, I feel like the movie,   is such an amazingly gorgeous, and luxurious place. 

So you can see that the owner has very good taste.  Wow, let me show you first the spectacular view, this is the most desirable area in London. Can you imagine guys being here on New Year’s Eve to watch the most famous London Fireworks? I mean wow!   This is such an amazing thing. I’m so obsessed with this and as well you have a view on Big Ben,   Parliament and also there are a lot of like Aquarium (London Sea Life), Shrek (Shrek Adventure) a lot of London attractions. 

Then you have a Jubilee Park and Belvedere Gardens over there, as well you can see BBC from here and basically the river view. You can watch all boats absolutely gorgeous the whole living area is very spacious and as you can see, you have a gorgeous nude color sofa, like a four-seater two-seater.   

I really love this cute pillows as you can see here, have a look! It’s like a Gucci style, I really love it!   Also we have a beautiful glass coffee table with a luxury gold finishing, as well flowers and   you will find in this apartment a lot of matching pieces, for example this lamp with this cute vase. Isn’t it beautiful? Wow! It’s a very spacious living room and you have a lot of bright and basically sun coming in. 

You have air conditioning in this apartment and as well you can just close the   curtains if you would like to have less sun, but it’s beautiful because it’s very sunny and large. Wow! I really love this gorgeous and very luxury bar island which is separating kitchen from a   living area and look at this gorgeous chandeliers.I mean, wow! This is absolutely stunning, I never   saw some design like this but it’s really luxurious and also this gorgeous art deco furry bar stools. 

Isn’t it perfect? Love it! It’s amazing. Even thisone, I mean, you can see that owner has great style. And now we are in the kitchen. The kitchen is very nice and sleek. You have a gorgeous light over here,   fully fitted fridge freezer and fridge and freezer. All appliances are Miele,   so if you know, Miele is a very good brand. 

You have also full size dishwasher over here. There is a lot of storage. Let me show you just like this. You can see a lot of storage also in   this kitchen you have fitted wine cooler, which is amazing. If you don’t drink, actually you can   put maybe some Coke there, I don’t know,  your soft drinks as well. You have here microwave and oven   on this side. You have a double oven here also Mieleappliances and coffee machine as well. 

It’s perfect!   You have a huge hob over here and then   extractor hood is fitted here. Wow! It’s very nice and luxury also you have utility room   here or basically when you want to connect your internet. Maybe security cameras and so on. And this is gorgeous dining idea so if you have a huge family or you want to celebrate maybe some   New Year’s Eve. It’s great for you! I really love this chandelier   and then you have a gorgeous artwork with a beautiful wallpaper over here.  

Love it! And a special detail as well, you have like a led lights around. Isn’t it beautiful? I really love   it guys! Let me know in the comments down below what do you think about this apartment. You have   entrance on the balcony but I will show you at the end, so something nice at the end, keep watching! From the hallway we have another hallway and here is a storage area and   also washing machine or washer dryer. Then you have more storage over here. 

So everywhere in each wardrobe, you have a light which is gorgeous touch. Now let me show you master bedroom. In this master bedroom you have a carpet. Wow, you have a king size gray velvet bed and it’s matching with the wallpaper. It’s really gorgeous.  You have as well special wooden bedside tables with the lamp, look at these gorgeous details here. Wow!   it’s amazing! You have around the ceiling you have a led lights. 

In each room you have a  curtains. Also you have an entrance to balcony, but Itold you, that I will show you at the end. So keep   watching guys! Here, there is a dressing area so you can do your makeup here. To be pretty, you know…  I really love this special detail in the mirror, very nice, and here you have a build-in wardrobe. 

Very nice wood so you have enough space in the whole apartment, as well you have a shoe rack here. And now let me show you to ensuite bathroom. So this is full of marble, is a walk-inshower here with a rain shower, also you have a   handle. There is a special detail when you can put your shampoo and so on. I really love it. Gorgeous   mirror, sink so it’s black and white combination.Very stylish this season. And also toilet. 

From here we are back in hallway,opposite you have actually like guest   bathroom, as well with the white marble matching with the black marble, it’s such a gorgeous place. And now let me show you a master bedroom, follow me please. So here you have a wooden floor. Wow! So this master bedroom is little bit in different colors and it’s still very luxury   design. You have a nude gold touches over here on the bed. 

There is a beautiful wallpaper matching. And also this gorgeous lamp with some leaves. I really love this gorgeous gold mirror, bedside   table and actually I’m very huge fan of mirrored furniture. Maybe you know it from my previous   videos. Here you have a sofa chair where you can take a seat, you can relax, just looking   on the river Themes and on the boats. It’s really gorgeous! You have a full view on the London Eye.   

Where actually, if you don’t know guys, you can rent a cabin over there for a couple of hundred   pounds and you can spend one hour going around which if you live in this apartment, you don’t   need to do. Then you can watch the London Eye just all the time. It’s amazing! Here, you have a balcony,   so basically from each room, you have an entry to the balcony and you can see even your living room from here. 

On this side you will find a dressing table, as well mirrored dressing table with   gorgeous mirror with special decoration and also flowers. You have a gorgeous light here.   It’s amazing! You have enough light in this apartment, it’s very spacious and bright. From   the master bedroom, we are going to walk-in closet.

It’s a dream of every lady and gentlemen, to have   a walk-in closet with the lights. It’s made from wood, it’s really nice, very nice touch. You have a   shoe rack over here for a couple of Louboutins. You know. aAnd now we are going to ensuite bathroom. Wow! So this is the main bathroom where you have a toilet, sink, very nice black and white combination.  

And you have a bathtub over here and also on this side, you have a walk-in shower. Look, see!   Oh, I hope it’s, it’s not automatic, so walk-in shower. It will be very awkward if it starts. All right! We have a handle here as well. And now, let me show you balcony. Wow! So this is stunning huge balcony. You can take a seat here and you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee or glass of bubbles you know during the weekend. 

Wow! It’s a really sunny day today in London and this balcony is really huge so you can have enough people sitting here. You can have even a bigger table and more people, maybe even six, seven, eight. You know, so I really love the area, so you have the London Eye as I mentioned already. You can watch the river Thames and boats just  going around and basically, it’s like a very great area where you can socialize. 

Wow, this is amazing. We are on the 16th floor, is not even windy. You can really enjoy your time on the balcony. Even you   can work from home or if you, just want to relax or make a have a party with your friends maybe.   You know. So basically, you can see everything like Big Ben, as soon as they will finish Big Ben,   it should be like in a couple of days or maybe in, I think in 2022. 

So if they finish the Big Ben   it will be gorgeous to have it here, and I really I can’t imagine to be on the New Year’s Eve. It’s gonna be like such an event, wow! Love it! What do you think guys? Have you been already in London in   such amazing apartment? Let me know in the comments down below. 

This apartment has 24-hour concierge   and security, also we have an access to leisure facilities, like a spa, gym, swimming pool and also   studio room where you can maybe train your aerobic or you can do like some other HIT trainings.    So yeah, this is absolutely great area to live,you have everything on your doorstep, a lot of   amethysts and shops nearby, as well a lot of London attractions, you just cross the river, you are in   Westminster. 

You have the Soho area there, as well you have a stunning view overlooking the river, which is   absolutely gorgeous and yes! Even the lobby area downstairs is very very luxury. So thank you very   much guys for watching, if you would like to know more details about this apartment, just contact Marwan.  I will leave everything over here and yes!Give it a thumbs up if you like this video. Don’t  forget to subscribe for more property tours like this. And I will see you in my next video.Bye!

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