Very Important General Knowledge Quiz Online In 2023

My dear friends you will get your all answers of these questions. General knowledge quiz with answers. General knowledge quiz multiple choice. Easy general knowledge questions and answers. Free general knowledge quiz.

Very Important General Knowledge Quiz Online In 2023

Very Important General Knowledge Quiz Online In 2023 

Q.1: Who is the last Emperor of India?

A. George

B. Tom

C. Nicol

D. None of These

Q.2: united kingdom formed —–?

A. 1737

B. 1727

C. 1707

D. None of These

Q.3: Who personifies England?

A. Nosilio

B. Hamitom

C. Albord

D. John Bull

Q.4: Animal Farm is written by ——-?

A. George Orwell

B. Rabiso

C. Evgorino

D. None of These

Q.5: An Ideal Husband is written by ——–?

A. Oscar Wilde

B. Tom Trish

C. George

D. None of These

Q.6: Unit of luminous flux is ——-?


B. Lumen

C. Meter

D. Joul

Q.7: Parsec is unit of astronomical ——?

A. Hight

B. Width

C. Length

D. None of These

Q.8: Singapore means ——-?

A. City of Tigers

B. City of Lions

C. City of Camles

D. None of These

Q.9: Which French Emperor died in St. Helena?

A. Tomey George

B. Gorge

C. Napoleon

D. None of These

Q.10: Flag of UK known as ——-?

A. Fast Speed

B. Important Way

C. Union Jack

D. None of These

Q.11: Famous Artist Gui Jee was an ——– by profession?

A. Doctor

B. Engineer

C. Car Machanic

D. None of These

Q.12: Temperature inside a refrigerator is ——–?

A. 10°F

B. 20°F

C. 40°F

D. None of These

Q.13: World environment day is observed on ——–?

A. 3rd April

B. 2nd March

C. 23 May

D. 5th June

Q.14: Where was Napoleon born?

A. Ajaccio

B. New York

C. Iran

D. None of These

Q.15: Which line separates Afghanistan from Pakistan?

A. Durand Line

B. Point Line

C. Small Line

D. None of These

Q.16: World War II began on 3 September ——?

A. 1921

B. 1910

C. 1939

D. None of These

Q.17: ——– grams are equal to one carat?

A. 0.200

B. 2000

C. 0.1500

D. None of These

Q.18: Atomic theory was given by Dalton in ———?

A. 1603

B. 1703

C. 1803

D. None of These

Q.19: Pacemaker is used for?

A. Voice Calculation

B. Speed of Light

C. Regulates hear beat

D. None of These

Q.20: Montreal is situated on the bank of River ——-?

A. Iran

B. New York

C. Ottawa

D. None of These

Q.21: Unit of energy is Electron ——?

A. Volt


C. Joule

D. None of These

Q.22: Sea of Serenity is located on the ——-?

A. Sun

B. Moon

C. Air

D. None of These

Q.23: Babar laid the foundation of Mughal empire in 1526 by defeating ——– ?

A. Ibrahim Lodi

B. Karim Haider

C. Saleem Ghoman

D. Jamil Rizvi

Q.24: The founder of Two Nations Theory is ——-?

A. Anjum Mirza

B. Faizan Murtaza

C. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

D. Jamil Babar

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