Berklee Master Class Music Production

Berklee Master Class Music Production


 I have always been a very committed and intellectually curious person academically, that’s why I realized that a Master’s degree would be the logical next move. I have a strong involvement in many fields and am attracted to a degree directed towards music.

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I have an intense interest in the music business. Music has become one of my biggest desires and hobbies and in my spare time, I have always endeavored to practice and improve my talents and knowledge of music as much as imaginable. 

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It all originated when I was still in school at the age of eleven when I was introduced to all sorts of musical genres, other than the regular chart classics I listened to before. I thought it was fantastic how often wonderful music there was out there but it wasn’t enough since I knew I wanted to enjoy some music myself. This prompted me to begin playing an instrument as soon as I was able to buy one. 

Berklee Master Class Music Production

I am now working part-time as a consultant for a tech firm. These years of experience have given me a variety of essential organizational qualities – leadership, timeliness, collaboration, flexibility, and the desire to work quickly as well.

All in all, I see myself as an individual who is eager and able to explore and play with new innovations and developments and I expect that taking a program in music technology can strengthen my love for music and encourage me to get to where I want to be in the future. 

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