The Youth Club/Impact And It’s Role Model In Society

The Youth Club/Impact And It's Role Model In Society

The Youth and its role:

We “The youth” are the assets of our nation and our role is the guarantee the survival and progress of our nation. We are 64% of the total population of Pakistan and it’s an amazing percentage because youth have more potential to complete a task more efficiently. In comparison with other nations, we have a much higher percentage of youth. India and the US have 34.4 and 13% youth respectively. China with the highest progress rate all over the world also has less youth than we have. Having a higher percentage of youth means that we progress more in less time with very higher efficiency and stability but the role of our nation is very detrimental and griever. In another aspect all this 64% youth will be old at once with a pitiable efficiency The role of the youth Should be very creative and practical but we youth lack all the attributes or traits & features which an ideal youth have to. we have to work with our nation and we should lead it towards the bright future not to be lead by others to the dark. We have the potentials but we are not making their positive use. So let’s start struggling together not for our own interest but for the national interest. We should remove all our toxic habits and stop wasting time and use them in learning and then building skills. Now to onward, we should complete our tasks with our zeal as an opportunity to serve not as a duty.

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