BS Agriculture Scope In Pakistan in 2024

As we all know Pakistan is an agricultural country. There are many degrees or courses offered by Pakistani universities in several categories. If we talk about popular agriculture programs then we should mention BS in agriculture, MS in agriculture, and then Ph.D. In Pakistan, very few students want to get a degree within the agriculture field thanks to the lack of jobs after BS agriculture Hons.

These Agricultural Studies have been all related to the farming and agriculture services that are normally seen in the view of cattle and farms. When students get enriched with a degree in agriculture then there are wide ranges of career options after BS agriculture that open the gateway for a bright future. The need is simply to explore these ways with the help of your seniors. Keep on reading this text to remove the more details about it.

Scope of BS Agriculture in Pakistan:

You have tons of career-build options after this program. but the matter is that the majority of students aren’t conscious of the BS agriculture scope in Pakistan. To explore the scope ahead of you, I might such as you to look for the geographical structure of Pakistani land. there is more than 50 percent land area is still barren which needs proper farming to cultivate a healthy crop.

If we mention the present condition then you recognize that more Agriculture engineers have found some ways to urge more and more crops from a limited piece of land. For example, if you see ten years back to your wheat, the typical yield of a 1-acre land was just 2,933kg while now we are yielding more than 5500kg per acre of the same land. Similarly, there are numerous other crops that we are yielding in superior amounts than to their previous amount per acre. this is the result of agriculture engineering. So we will imagine how the scope of agriculture engineering has grown in Pakistan.

Jobs of BS Agriculture in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, the scope of any field is additionally derived from the amount of job opportunities. The jobs after BS in agriculture in Pakistan are also rising day by day. As we mentioned above an Agricultural degree offers many employment options for the students. Before studying for this degree, a person must know the important career options within the field of agriculture. In the below list, we’ll be highlighting a number of the prominent career options for the convenience of the scholars.

  • Agricultural Researcher
  • Agricultural Consultant
  • Agricultural Advisor
  • Fertilizers Supplier
  • Agricultural Management
  • Forensic Science Manager
  • Agriculture Scientist
  • Laboratory Advisor
  • Natural Resource Manager
  • Natural Resource Advisor
  • Ecologist
  • Biochemist
  • Senior agriculture scientist.
  • Senior laboratory advisor.
  • Senior fertilizer supplier.

Subjects of BS Agriculture:

How we are reading about the BS agriculture subjects in Pakistan which a candidate has to study for four years in eight semesters. Different universities have different criteria for the subject. So that is why we are just denoting the major subjects of BS agriculture in Pakistan. Without studying the below-mentioned major subjects, it won’t be possible for a person to get the degree of BS in agriculture. For the easiness of the scholars following is the list of all the subjects that cover the BSC in Agriculture studies:

  • Introduction to Agriculture
  • Introduction to Food Sciences
  • Introduction to Horticulture
  • Introduction to Soil Science
  • Rural Sociology
  • Wildlife Management
  • Food Processing and Preservation
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Field Crop Production
  • Plant Pathogens
  • Introductory Genetics
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Crop Water Management
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Soil Sciences
  • Farm Mechanization
  • Irrigation and Drainage
  • Entomology
  • Agronomy

Admission Requirments of BS Agriculture :

After reading about BS agriculture subjects in Pakistan, If any student wants to get the degree of BS in agriculture then he should know the main and important eligibility criteria for getting admission in BS in agriculture. The main and important eligibility criteria guidelines are as follows:

All those students who are in favor of taking admission in BS Agriculture must have to pass their 12 years of education. The students even have to undergo some entry tests. But this fact can just be possible with private institutions.

Salary of BS Agriculture Officers:

One of the foremost important topics in any field of study is their salary. and once we are talking about the BS agriculture salary in Pakistan, the primary of all I might wish to tell you that one can only do employment after this study. But if you or your father may be a farming-land lord then it’ll be your own business.

If you know what will suit the best crop what is its average yield and how you can obtain maximum output from a land then you’ll generate maximum opportunities for the work. Well, the starting salary after BS agriculture in Pakistan starts from Rs. 35, 000 to 50, 000 per month. Different companies pay different packages but it’s a mean ongoing salary package for an agriculture engineer. While the maximum BS agriculture salary in Pakistan can touch more than 1 lakh per month.

Universities Offering BS Agriculture are the following:

  1. BZU Multan
  2. Arid Rawalpindi
  3. Ghazi University D.G Khan
  4. Agriculture University Faisalabad etc.

Hence these are the details discussion about the BS Agriculture In Pakistan Scope.

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