Amazing And Wonderful Knowledge About Heart Attack

People with blood type O have a lower risk of heart attack than other people. According to British media, research has shown that people who do not have blood type O have a higher risk of having a heart attack.  The chances are a bit higher than in other people. Scientists say that people in groups A, B, and AB have a higher amount of blood clotting protein than those in the group.

Researchers say it will help treat people at risk for heart disease. However, a charity says people are more likely to quit smoking and eat a healthy diet to reduce their risk of the disease.  The study was presented at a congress of the European Society of Cardiology and surveyed 1.3 million people. The study found that people who did not have blood type O were at risk of having a heart attack.

Percent.  In people with blood type O, the rate is 1.4 percent. Previous research has shown that the rarest group, AB, is most at risk and people with them have a heart attack.  The risk of stroke is 23%. According to the website Recess Negative, the most common group in Pakistan is AB, which makes up 24% of the population, while the O group is in about 29% of the population.  Some factors include smoking, obesity, and unhealthy lifestyles. However, people can try to reduce the effect of these factors on blood type.  The medical center is from Groningen.

He said more research is needed in this regard.  He said that in order to reduce the risk of heart disease in the future, cholesterol, age, gender, blood pressure as well as blood group should be checked. About those who have blood group O,  It is known that they have high cholesterol in their blood.  Therefore, this should be kept in mind in their treatment. In this study, five lakh ten thousand people of O blood group, while seven lakh 70 thousand people of other groups were examined.  1.4% of people in the first group, while 1.5% of people in the second group had a heart attack or angina due to angina.

He says: ‘Apart from the O group, people from other groups also have to do what others do to reduce their risk of heart disease. This includes sensible measures such as better diet, weight, and exercise, and  This includes abstaining from smoking and controlling blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes as much as possible.

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