How to pass ppsc test General Knowledge 2024

It will not be difficult to pass the exam of PPSC if some things are followed

 Reasons for failure

  • The first reason we don’t read a book is because we don’t have a date sheet or a test date announcement.
  • The second reason is that they do not note the syllabus given by PPSC people in their Add because the whole test is based on the syllabus which causes us to fail.
  • The third reason is that even though it is known that there is negative margins in the PPSC test, they still ask questions which are not known at all and the marks of the correct questions are also deducted.
  •  The fourth reason is that Irelevent memorizes the syllabus which does not give any benefit in the test.

 How to pass the PPSC test

Passing PPSC is not as difficult as we think but hard work is required and perseverance with hard work is necessary because there are many people in Punjab with whom there is competition and if they win the competition they are successful.
It is not only necessary to pass the exam but it also starts after passing the main stage in which the reward of effort and hard work is to be given in the form of employment. Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground
For preparation, from 2nd class to Inter, Islamic Studies, Urdu Studies, Pakistan, Science, Mathematics, and English Tennis, as you know, I have five fingers.
Then write

the model paper of the caravan the model paper of the advance and all the past papers of the post for which you have to apply on one register with the answers from both the model papers.

 After that the book of a public acquaintance from which Al
 Find out the cabinet of Pakistan
 How can you remember so many books that only those who do all these things will have them because they have already tried and then come here? And in the test, just circle the questions that come up, and don’t look at others, because everyone’s paper is different, so avoid it in order.
Questions that don’t come up aren’t negatively marked if you don’t fill them out. Thousands of people are increasing daily in the field of education, so try from today and make up your mind that I have to take such a post. May Allah Almighty support us all.

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