Earn Crypto By Running With STEPN & NFT Sneakers in 2022

If you’ve been looking into the ways blockchain companies are expanding into other industries, you may have heard of STEPN and its moves into the play-to-earn category. To help you learn more, Chiliz News has released a report that provides a detailed overview of the STEPN app, and its steps into the move-to-earn cryptocurrency industry.

Earn Crypto By Running With STEPN & NFT Sneakers in 2022
Earn Crypto By Running With STEPN & NFT Sneakers in 2022 

STEPN & NFT Sneakers in 2022

In the report, Chiliz News explores the range of features available in the STEPN app, such as its unique NFT sneakers as well as three-game types which include solo, marathon, and background modes.

By covering the launch of STEPN, the report allows you to learn about the growing world of play to earn crypto apps, and how you can get involved in the industry as a blockchain investor or a fitness enthusiast.

Stepn Sneaker Nft Price 

As reported by Chiliz News, the world of cryptocurrencies has continued to spread into other industries which, along with the ever-present public interest in fitness, has seen move-to-earn applications become one of the highest trending blockchain categories in 2022. The news site’s STEPN report breaks down the newest contender in this area to help you understand how these apps work, and what they offer.

Within the report, you will initially find an overview of what GameFi is, which provides an informative foundation on the various types and styles of blockchain gaming projects. The report then delves deeper into the specifics of move-to-earn and play-to-earn apps and how they are impacting the fitness industry.

The report highlights the STEPN app and its features, including both marathon and solo modes, which allow users to earn Green Satoshi Token or GSTs while moving, as well as a background mode for passive GST earning. Furthermore, you can learn how these GST tokens can be converted to Green Metaverse Tokens.

Chiliz News’ report also includes a breakdown of the collectible sneaker NFTs available within the app, which each offer users an energy bonus while using the app. These NFTs are named Walker, Jogger, Runner, and Trainer, and can be obtained by combining two sneakers together to receive a new, random sneaker NFT.

As mentioned in the report, “Projects such as play-to-earn and move-to-earn are new to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. STEPN stands out as the leader in the move-to-earn category.”

Chiliz News is an online news resource for crypto and blockchain information, and has a wide range of articles and reports covering all aspects of the industry for investors and enthusiasts.

Learn how you can use STEPN to earn collectible NFTs in Chiliz News’ move-to-earn app report today!

For more information, you can visit chiliznews where you can find all the site’s articles.

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