Feeling Sponsored Program

Feeling Sponsored Program

Feeling Sponsored Program

Feeling Sponsored Program:

Last year, the government provided over 12,000 families to people via SMS registration due to the Corona lockdown.

 This year, the government will select eligible families from across the country through a sensory survey.  Registration will not be possible through SMS through this program but Ehsas survey team will conduct door to door survey and selected families will be assisted every month through Ehsas Kifalat program. And these families will be issued Ehsas cards.

 Awareness registration survey is underway across the country.  Eligible families surveyed will receive a monthly stipend through the Ehsas Kifalat program.

 Households left out of the survey can register themselves by visiting the nearest registration desk, showing their national identity card and submitting their data.

 Ehsas registration desks have been set up in every city.

 For information on Ehsas Registration Center in your city go to this link and select your district and you will get a list of all Ehsas offices in your city including address and phone number. You can register at your nearest center.  This is only for those whose home sense is left out of the survey.

Feeling Sponsored Program Registration Desk:


 If you are having trouble paying due to finger problems, you can go to this link and submit an online application.

 Fingerprints Complaint:


Contact the (Feeling Sponsored ProgramEhsas Helpline number for any guidance.  Thanks

 Phone: 0800-26477

 Email: contactus@ehsaas.gov.pk/ contactus@pass.gov.pk

Feeling Sponsored Program Health Facility Program:

 If you want to know your eligibility for a health card under the health facility program, send your ID card number to 8500.

 It should be noted that even if you do not qualify, on the orders of Prime Minister Imran Khan, every family in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will be provided a health card by December 2021, through which free treatment in any public and private hospital across the country and  Free medicine will be available.

New Pakistan Housing Scheme

 Submit online applications at this link to get a government loan to get your house through New Pakistan Housing Scheme.  Thanks

 Registration Link:


Corona virus vaccine

The government has begun the process of vaccinating people aged 50 and over.

 Get people 50 years and older at home registered for vaccination today!

 Send their ID card number to “1166” or register online at the link below.

 Registration Link:


Ehsas Kifalat Program, Health Facility Program, New Pakistan Housing Scheme and other government welfare programs to get information and send me a friend request for registration so that you keep receiving information or SMS to the number below.)  Thanks)

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