Top Freelancer Websites in 2021

Top Freelancer Websites in 2021

Top Freelancer Websites in 2021

Introduction of Freelancing:

Freelancing is a platform where peoples are did their online work as their desire in causal life style, in free environmental place and earn online money through  Freelancing.

Freelancing in 2021:

Freelancing is a very simple and easy way to earn online money in their causal and simple life style in 2021.Government of Pakistan is promoting Freelancing in Pakistan.and provide to citizen good economic life. There are 7 big and most famous Freelancer websites mentioned here. 

1. FREELANCER.COM is undoubtedly the oldest, which also makes it the most trusted website for freelancing not just in Pakistan, but in the word. The online freelancing portal has its headquarters in Sydney, Australia. If you don’t know how to work on freelancer, it’s can see tutorials or do a course to earn money in the best possible way. This platform has provided incredible benefits to the global freelancing business for over ten years and most of the freelancer are also earning their income sin Pakistan from


This online freelancing platform has more than 12 million freelancers who are extremely active and available for several gigs. You would be surprised to know that more than two million jobs are posted very year on up work. All you have to do is create a profile and submit it including your experience and relevant skills, in order to register yourself on the website as a freelancer.


Fiverr is a freelancing website in Pakistan which everybody has heard of. You talk about freelancing sites in Pakistan to people and this is one name sites in Pakistan to people and this is the one name they all speak of instantly. Do you want to know why? It’s because fiver is a highly successful and popular website used by many freelancer in Pakistan who want to make money in the comfort of their homes. Not only Pakistan, but fiver also comes under the list of 100 most well-known websites in the state of U.S. the minimum wage for a freelancer to earn on fiver stars from 5 dollars per gig.

4. People per hour:

You may think that this platform is not as famous as feverr or but a great number of freelancers from Pakistan have registered on this website. It is an amazingly famous online community in the U.K for freelancing. The website lets you forward 15 proposals to multiple clients and that too for free before it asks you to sign up and pay money for their premium plan. A huge amount of job look expert freelancers and these jobs are posted by everybody on PeoplePerHour.

5. Guru:

Guru doesn’t work like taking projects from clients and getting paid. It offers commissioned work to every freelancer. Start creating your profile and submitting quotes to jobs. The employers will first go through your quote and will then think of hiring you. So, make sure that your quotes is interesting and interesting. It depends on you if you want to payment hourly and you can break down your task into milestones as well. By doing so, you will set payment for every milestone you achieve. If you go for the method of regular payments, know that you will have to choose between quarterly, monthly, or weekly payments.

6. 99 Designs:

This website is a unique platform for designers. Rather than browsing through the resumes and portfolios, clients engage with the freelancers for their projects and then set a budget. The freelancers are provided with instructions from the clients regarding the project brief first, then submit their design. The client reviews the project in a week and chooses the design he likes and then the designer with the best design gets chosen and gets paid.

7. Freelancing Writing Gigs:

The names may not sound familiar or interesting, but this website also caters to a freelancer with a variety of amazing opportunities. This website also has some great clients which reward more money than one can ever expect for doing their jobs.

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