Freelancers faced bad news by government

Freelancers faced bad news by government

Freelancers faced bad news by government

I am proud that I belong to the class that caused so many dollars to come to Pakistan. And yes, let me just say that the ones you are looking at are sent by just one company, Pioneer. If you look at the rest of the companies, I can say for sure that you will not lose consciousness. 

 You take taxes from us, of course. No one else is running away from taxes or not. On the contrary, I will try to prove that the entire online community is a good citizen by paying taxes.

 But I have some questions, sir.. 

 1: – Did you bring us PayPal to Pakistan to send or receive money easily?

 2. People are earning millions from Amazon. I personally know a guy who earns only 3 million rupees a month. So, Your Excellency, did you bring us to Amazon Pakistan? Do you have any idea how much money we have to spend to earn from Amazon?

 3: – Google, YouTube, Facebook (FB), when the heart beats our years of hard-earned accounts for no reason. So, Your Excellency, did you provide us with any source to help us raise our voice against the abuses committed by these companies?

 4: – Everyone knows that this work can be done with the help of the Internet. So can you tell me if your official internet is able to use “PTCL”? Holy dear, did you try so hard for us to provide us with good internet ??

 5: Sir, you have seen that you have earned so much money. But do you know how much work we have to do to bring this hard earned money to Pakistan? Hey, your bank doesn’t even open our account. We are forced to use bank accounts in the name of one of our family members. Sir, before taxing us, at least do as much as you can to open our bank accounts.

 6: – Holy crackdown is carried out against thieves, thugs. We are an innocent creature of this Pakistan whose whole world is a small table lying in a room. And sitting at this table, we have brought billions, not trillions of rupees to Pakistan. So why is the word “crackdown” being used against us, sir? Did we commit a sin that brought so much money to Pakistan? Crack down on those who stole and ran away. When we wake up, our eyes become “black pits” and our stomachs become “drums” while sitting in one place. We do not deserve a crackdown. Give us the Medal of Merit. We are your Pakistani insects but believe me they are “very precious”.

 Please collect taxes from us. But first answer the things written above. Otherwise, I will pay taxes to the state that gives me facilities and respect. If you want to collect taxes from us without any facility, please forgive me. It is better to spend a few lakhs than to pay you a few thousand taxes and shift to a state that is “eligible” to collect taxes. Government should give us good and better facilities and get taxs. Our Pakistani internet is ghando aor bad internet service. Our Internet Company’s lotes us with both hands. Allah save us thses problems. 

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