Khushi Scholarship Program for IUB students

Khushi Scholarship Program for IUB students

Khushi Scholarship Program for IUB students

 Khushi Scholarship Program

A Program for Ambitious/Needy Graduate Students from Islamia University of Bahawalpur.


Having a career aspiration opens up promising avenues and lets students meet their goals, which they can benefit from throughout their lifetime. Though a large number of students across the world aim to become professionals following their life aspirations, however they are unable to complete education because of limited financial resources. Khushi Development Organization therefore, present the Scholarship Program to offer ambitious/Needy students with financial support and let them successfully fulfil their dream career.

About Khushi Scholarship

Khushi Scholarship program announced by organization intends to support students to help them successfully complete their education in the desirous programs. Students already pursuing or enrolled in the course can apply for this scholarship. It is financial aid to talented and young professionals so that can become leaders in the industry.

Benefits of Khushi Scholarship

Khushi scholarship is presented by us annually and is meant for those who possess in-depth knowledge in the field and desire to become experts. Those awarded the scholarship will get a chance to meet experts and further hone their technical skills and talent. Students can use the earned money to support different kinds of expenses related to their education. It is available only for students who have gained admission to an accredited Islamia university Bahawalpur and other affiliated institutions.

Eligibility Criteria of Khushi Scholarship

The applicant should have enrolled or planning to enroll for undergraduate or postgraduate engineering course (for, eg.B.E, B.Tech, M.E. M.Tech).

The applicant should be at least 18 years of age while applying.

The applicant should have completed High School / Secondary School education with distinction.

The applicant should be a domiciled student of Bahawalpur and/or adjacent districts of Bahawalpur.

While applying, the applicant should have completed at least one term of college/university course after completing high school or secondary school education.

The students having a time gap between graduation and post graduation are not eligible.

College dropouts are not eligible.

How to Apply?

To apply for this scholarship, we are asking participating students to write a 200 – 300 word essay about Why you should be selected for the scholarship and how you will give back to your community. Your essay should include specific examples of community work. The winner of this scholarship will be chosen based on the student’s involvement and their ability to describe their experience in the most compelling way.

Interested Students can apply by clicking the following link:

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