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If you’re thinking of emigrating to Canada or more specifically moving to Vancouver, then you’re thinking along the right lines if you’re looking for a sophisticated city, a place where cultures valued and where the quality of life is about as high as it gets. 

Welcome to Vancouver! Ranking third in the 2019 Best Country in the World Report, Canada has a lot to offer. Not only in its landscapes, clean cities, and friendly people but also in terms of safety, work satisfaction, and the health of the population. 

If you worry about moving to Canada because of the cold winters, then think again! Vancouver is often stated as being the place with the best climate in the country and for good reason. It’s beautifully mild in Vancouver with heavy snowfalls rare during the winter. 

This is due to the city being so close to the ocean but it’s not at all difficult to get to the snow if you really want to as the mountains and ski slopes are close by. During the spring the city’s famous cherry blossoms come into bloom and the streets are a wonderful sight. 

If you ever need a break from studies or work, Vancouver caters to several exciting activities throughout the year. Enjoy a scenic bike ride along our seawall, cheer over a roaring crowd during one of our sporting events or treat yourself to some of our locally sourced and fresh seafood. 

As a coastal city with an active seaport, Vancouver is home to many ethnicities and is a haven to many cultures. You’ll be able to experience everything from Lunar New Year events, the Indian celebration of Diwali, and the European summer solstice. 

Meeting people from all over the world is as easy as visiting a local event so you’ll always have an opportunity to practice any language skills. You can also enjoy the ease of access with our transit system which connects you to all major cities in the Lower Mainland. 

Visiting the mountains is only a 15-minute transit ride from our main downtown area. If you’re looking to start a new life abroad, visit Vancouver and see for yourself why we’re considered one of the best cities in the world to live in.

Associate Degree in Canada | Alexander College

Our Associate Degree program is possible to complete in just two years and upon successful completion grant students an associate Degree which they can use as a foundation for further education or to enter the workforce and begin on their journey to personal success. 

Our Associate Degree programs consist of 60 – 64 credit hours they’re offered in a variety of concentration options to best suit your interests. We currently offer both an Associate of Arts Degree and an Associate of Science Degree. 

Our Arts Degree comes in a few optional concentrations including business, economics, and psychology In addition to the General Arts Degree. The Associate Degree program comes in a variety of benefits for your success as you can use the completion of your Associate’s Degree to apply for further study at a university or enter into a field of work right away. 

International students can use any of our Associate Degrees to apply for a post-graduate work permit once they have graduated regardless of their concentration. This program allows students the flexibility to work off-campus for up to 20 hours per week so long as they maintain full-time enrolment and about 40 hours per week during scheduled breaks. 

We suggest visiting for more details about eligibility requirements. Just want to say a big thank you to AC for helping me out you know was I was able to finish my study at about the right time I wanted. I graduated with an Associate Degree of Arts. 

I was just planning to come and learn something new and develop myself here. It’s a very good experience that I can work in the same environment as my studies and also I can help other students to know our colleagues better. 

I think the whole environment inside the school is pretty good and it gave me the opportunity to learn more about other cultures, helping people. Since I graduated I’ve been working full time and because of AC, I’m able to do it. 

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