Study in Canada at the Peel Schools for International Students

Welcome to the Peel District School Board, one of Canada’slargest school boards, and home to the Peel Academy for International Students. Located at Clarkson Secondary School in Mississauga, the Peel Academy for International Students is just 20 minutes from downtown Toronto and Pearson International Airport. 

Our international program is designed with student success in mind. From understanding our culture and learning our way of life to language acquisition and credit accumulation – the focus is always on creating the solid foundation our students need to achieve future goals. In Peel, we provide high-quality education to support the academic and social achievement of every student. 

Each of our international students experiences an intensive English as a Second Language program,  designed to help them learn English as quickly as possible. Success in English certainly one of our top priorities, and to help achieve this, we ensure learning the language goes beyond the ESL classroom. During orientation, international students are paired with a Canadian peer, who acts as their mentor, and in many cases, becomes a good friend. 

[Tony Pontes] Every year, we welcome thousands of students from around the world, including international students and students who have immigrated to Canada with their families. At Clarkson Secondary School, we have a proud and rich tradition of academic excellence, and our educators have incredible experience helping students to develop strong English language skills. We inspire success, confidence, and hope in every student. 

We’re honored to be the place where the world comes to learn, and we look forward to welcoming you to Canada. We are confident that you will benefit from the unique partnership between the Peel District School Board, the University of Toronto Mississauga, and Sheridan College at the Peel Academy for International Students. [narrator] Students will be placed in some classes with other Canadian students, so they have the opportunity to earn credits and practice their language skills. 

Our expert counselors work with students to provide flexible timetables and to support them to obtain the credits they need to graduate with their high school diplomas. We also encourage international students to get involved in school life, through a variety of school teams and clubs, all offering more opportunities to practice English. 

Our staff is focused – committed to helping all students succeed. International students have access to counseling and settlement support, specific to their needs. We partner with the University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College to ensure our international students are prepared for postsecondary success. 

[Diane Crocker] The really exciting thing about the Peel Academy for International Students that it’s a collaboration between not only the University of Toronto and the Peel District School Board, but also the Sheridan Institute, which is also very close by, and the University of Toronto has collaborative agreements with Sheridan so that students who study at Sheridan can actually transfer into a, uh, second-year program at the University of Toronto after doing two years at Sheridan. 

[Jeff Zabudsky]As president of Sheridan College, I’m really proud to be involved with the Peel Academy for International Students because the work that the academy is doing is all about student success. 

Having a good, strong foundation in the English language is going to serve students who study in our system very, very well. And if you have a good foundation in English, they’re going to be good students across, uh, the range of different programs and courses that they’re taking, while they’re studying here in Canada. 

At Clarkson, our students are often accepted into top universities and colleges throughout Canada and around the world. Famous graduates include Professor of Physics at the University of Ontario, Rupinder Brar, Rhodes Scholar, Kofi Hope, record producer multi-instrumentalist, Don Kerr, CityTV personality, Francis D’Souza, 

[Cathy Patterson]We have a wonderful staff here, and we also have a large committee of teachers who are really interested in welcoming the international students, particularly, so in addition to our ESL teachers who are really planning excellent programs for you, there are all kinds of teachers in the school who are gonna be welcoming you and planning orientation activities to help you not only acclimatize yourself to Clarkson, but to the Clarkson community, and to the city and province as a whole.

[narrator]Beyond their school experience, our international students can explore many top tourist attractions. We’re located near the beautiful city of Toronto, the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, Canada’s Wonderland, Algonquin Park, and many other world-class sites. Our homestay program is designed to provide students with a home away from home. 

Students are welcomed by their host families and have the chance to experience Canadian family life. Through experiences with their host family, students have many additional opportunities to practice their English skills. We are student-focused, forward-thinking, caring, and committed to the success of each student. The choice is clear. 

Choose the Peel Academy for International Students as the place to study abroad, the place to learn, grow and succeed. Your future starts at the Peel Academy for International Students. [music fades out] 

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