Amazon Product Hunting Complete Method

Amazon Product Hunting Complete Method

Amazon Product Hunting Complete Method

Product hunting is the most important and initial step to start a business on amazon. Products Hunting is a best technique to get a profitable and good product for launching on Amazon. Here, I will discuss different methods that I have learned. If you are hunting a product for UK or US market, you must have tools. But if you are hunting for micro agencies, you can do it manually.

Amazon product Hunting Basic Tools : 

➡️ Merchant Word: To check search volume.

➡️ Jungle Scout: To check price, brand name, daily and monthly sales, listing age, ratings.

➡️ Helium 10  To check relevant  keywords, SV graph for main KW, Keyword’s extraction, (H10 must show SV, CPR Giveaways, Competitor’s rank, position rank, CPS to relevancy)

➡️ Viral Launch : To check detailed statistics,  sales trend and seasonality.

Amazon Product Hunting Methods:

 1) Amazon Generic KW 

▶️Go to amazon search bar and type any product.

▶️Apply price filter. )

▶️You will get different products on page.

▶️Select best suitable product.

 2) Best Sellers on Amazon 

▶️Go to amazon, click on best sellers. 

▶️Apply price filter.

▶️You can get an idea of most selling product’s on amazon.

 3) Negative String Method 

▶️Go to amazon search bar, type (-) and random alphabets.

▶️It will show you different products on page.

▶️Apply price filter

▶️Try to check products from all pages.

 4) Ali Express 

▶️Check best suppliers, what type of product are they selling.

▶️You can also find products there.

 5) Ali Baba 

▶️Also check best supplier’s here and find best suitable product.

 6) Pinterest 

▶️ You can also use Pinterest to find different products.

 7) Magent² , MW 

▶️You can also use these tools to find different kws.

▶️Just type a kW, it will show hundred’s of different kws.

Basic Points of Amazon Product Hunting 

➡️While doing hunting

▶️Always apply price filter.

▶️Select your desired category.

▶️Don’t choose any electric, glass or ceramic product.

▶️Atleast 70% sellers from top 16 listings should have >=4.5 rating.

▶️There shouldn’t be more than 2 AMZ sellers in top 5 listings, 70% must be FBA  in top 10.

▶️Variations shouldn’t be more than 4.

▶️After selecting your product, apply tools used for your targeted market.

▶️Check google trends graph.

▶️VL sales trend.

▶️Check Seasonality

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